Photobook, 2014


I let the 4 elements (water, earth, fire and air) control the polaroids I have photographed. I simply take the polaroid, the act of the elements 'destroying' or 'creating' it, giving it life and its own essence is what is crucial as opposed to the fact I took a polaroid. The elements are an ontological approach to my comprehension of existence. Using the notion of abstraction, which is ideally a portrayal of the inner states and the invisible, I have attempted to re-examine an aspect of existence, while experimenting with form and materiality of the elements. This led to experiments with different processes although of the same element. By using the elements to control the images, I have hoped to 'destroy' and get rid of essentially whats 'important' in the photograph. Is it still a photograph of me if you cannot see it anymore? I attempted to questioned not just the nature of existence as a whole but the nature of existence in a photograph, especially the polaroid since it is known to encapsulate a moment just as it is. This body of work is an interpretation and collection of these notions.

Preview of photobook, 'intractable'