decolonising partition (ongoing)

These poems are part of an ongoing series of poems I’m writing about decolonising and dissecting partition. Each poem is a response to an excerpt from the book, Sindh: Stories from a Vanished Homeland by Saaz Aggarwal. A lot of discourse and writing around partition seldom includes Sindh, a homeland for Sindhis of different religions before they were uprooted when partition ensued. Sindh is a province that didn’t get split between what is now India & Pakistan. It is just in Pakistan, leaving many no longer with a place to call home or family and friends they could see again if they fled. As I read the book with a decolonial lens, I am prompted to dissect the whiteness so seeped into our thinking, to write about colonialism and partition as it was, not a whitewashed version of history, to frame and hold onto memories left behind, decipher memories that could have been, and to immortalise history that has been neglected through poetry.

Background image credit: snippet from book cover by Veda Aggarwal